Zumanity – Cirque Du Soleil


Zumanity - Cirque Du Soleil

Many are familiar with the Cirque Du Soleil performance groups, as their shows have been growing in popularity since the beginning.  Founded by two talented street performers in 1984, Cirque Du Soleil is based out of Quebec, Canada.  Their unique performance style, however, which combines circus arts and traditional street entertainment, led to massive growth, making them a popular favorite in the United States.

Las Vegas, Nevada, has been called the center of American entertainment in the past, so it is no wonder that Cirque Du Soleil has found its way here.  Las Vegas is known for lavish shows, with something new to see and enjoy at nearly every hour.

Cirque Du Soleil, which means Circus of the Sun, took the atmosphere of Vegas into consideration with their Zumanity show, which is thought to represent the more sensual side of the performing troupe.  Performances in the past have been based around bright color schemes, extravagant costumes, and incredible acrobatics.  Zumanity does include these factors from the past, but it is focused on the themes of seduction and provocation.

Zumanity is an adult themed show, and children under 18 years old are not even allowed in the doors.  Half part cabaret, and half burlesque show, the likes of Zumanity have never been seen before.  Audiences can expect to experience an electrifying thrill, as long as they are willing to leave their inhibitions in the lobby.

Zumanity has received rave reviews by many media outlets for representing the city of sin with grace, despite the nature of the show.  While the performance has many erotic undertones, it remains elegant and impressive.  The choreography and costumes will keep the eyes engaged, while a unique compilation of music pieces will delight the ears.

This Cirque Du Soleil performance can only be seen at Las Vegas’s outstanding New York-New York Hotel and Casino, also popular for its famous roller coaster ,which offers a new view of the Vegas strip.    Tickets are available for a discounted price online, or they can be purchased at the venue when available.  They can also be purchased at the Luxor, Mirage, Bellagio, or MGM Grand hotels and casinos.  Zumanity tickets are available to students and military personnel at 25 percent off, and group bookings are also available.

Before purchasing your tickets be sure to plan accordingly.  Zumanity runs at 90 minutes long, and plays twice a night Friday to Tuesday.  The first performance begins at 7:30 pm and the second at 10:00 pm.  Note that there will be no show on Wednesday or Thursday, and additional holidays and breaks should be checked on their website.