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Carrot Top

Carrot Top Las Vegas Show

Nevada’s famous city of Las Vegas attracts people of all types; seniors, young couples, bachelors, gamblers, party lovers, and, of course, performers. Many stars from radio, TV, and stage have found a home in the venues of Las Vegas, performing to large crowds of fans on a regular basis. Among those stars is the colorful act of Carrot Top, a stand-up comedian that has become a household name.

Carrot Top was born Scott Thompson, just another red-headed kid with a bold sense of humor. He used his humor to make a name for himself, performing stand up for the first time in college. He focuses his act on himself, making fun of his red hair and being self-deprecating in general. He also uses a lot of props to entertain the crowd, interacting with them a lot throughout the show.

Carrot Top has made numerous TV appearances, including a spot on the reality show, Don’t Forget The Lyrics! He has also appeared on The Bad Girls Club, Comedy Central Roasts, Mind Freak, and CSI. He has appeared in many feature films as well, cementing himself as a flexible performer. He is a comedic actor, as well as simply a comedian, which gives him an intriguing edge in the world of popular entertainment.

Many celebrities say that you have not made it big until you have been parodied and satired. Fortunately for Carrot Top, he has been both. He is frequently referenced in popular media and has made fake guest appearances in adult comedy cartoons such as South Park, Family Guy, and King of the Hill.

Despite his frequent reference in spoof materials, Carrot Top’s longevity remains undeniable as he continues to successfully perform. His trunks full of goofy props seem to keep the crowds coming, and his wacky inventions appear to be paying off. His current show mixes many different types of humor but always includes the trademark locks of moppy red hair.

Carrot Top can now be seen live at Las Vegas’s Luxor Hotel and Casino, where he has been named Comedian of the Year. Tickets start at an affordable rate of $49.95, with additional taxes and service charges. Shows play every day of the week, except Tuesday, at 8:30 pm. Adult themes exist within the show so there are age restrictions in place preventing anyone under 18 from entering the show. This is not a place to bring the kids!

Tickets for shows until December are currently available to purchase by phone or conveniently online. Tickets purchased online at least 30 days in advance will receive a substantial discount, so don’t forget to plan ahead. It is also possible to make group reservations if you will be traveling with others, or to purchase a Dinner and Show package to include a meal with the entertainment.