America’s Sound – Rock and Roll to Motown

America’s Sound – Rock and Roll to Motown

America’s Sound – Rock and Roll to Motown

America’s Sound

If you’re ready for some Las Vegas entertainment that will knock your socks off and have you grooving to the music that has inspired generations, you’re looking for the sound of America’s Sound – Rock and Roll to Motown. This legendary performance is sure to have you dancing in the aisles and clapping along to performances including Elvis, Eric Clapton, and more. This show is a great way to get out there on the Strip and clap your hands to some of the best music of our time.

While Elvis and Eric Clapton might not sound like they have much to do with Motown, the crux of this show is that it takes the listener on a full tour of the best of American music. You’ll hit the streets of Philadelphia, rock and roll along with the sounds of Memphis, and kick back and listen to the unique mix of R&B and pop that comprises the classic Motown sound. The performers here are exquisite, and nothing less than what you would expect of a traditional Las Vegas show. Get ready to watch these talented tribute artists pull out all of the stops to wow you with their skill at playing instruments, singing, and tackling some of the most classic songs of the modern era. These are not easy shoes to fill, but you’ll find that the performers who are a part of America’s Sound – Rock and Roll to Motown have extraordinary talent. You won’t be able to tell the difference between their performances and the real deal!

This is a great show to take the family to, as it lacks the risqué bent of many other of Las Vegas’ performance. While there’s something to be said about enjoying the acts that put the sin in Sin City, there are a number of other performances that are geared to please the cerebral parts of you as well – and America’s Sound – Rock and Roll to Motown is one of these shows. Bring the whole family or bring yourself, but just don’t forget your blue suede shoes! This will be a foot-tapping event that will stay with you for a long time. Another good thing is that ticket prices for this event start at 39 dollars – it’s one of the cheaper shows in Las Vegas! Come and enjoy America’s Sound – Rock and Roll to Motown and see some of the best live entertainment in all of Las Vegas while saving money at the same time. You don’t have to go to the most expensive show on the strip to have a good time!

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