The Price is Right LIVE!

The Price is Right LIVE!

The Price is Right LIVE!

The Price is Right LIVE! Las Vegas Show

Many people come to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the casinos, many come for the exciting nightlife, which includes numerous bars and dance clubs. Others, however, come for the wide range of performances and shows that take place around the strip, including a number of musical and dance performances. Comedies are also popular, but one of the most unique types of shows the Vegas strip has to offer is a live game show!

The Price is Right LIVE! has been running for years, attracting audiences with the promise of expensive prizes and exciting opportunities to win money. Don’t mistake this Vegas show with the regularly programmed TV show, however, as that films in Los Angeles, California. Neither Bob Barker or Drew Carey will be seen on the Vegas stage, but the comparable collection of fun and prizes will make up for it!

While the popular Price is Right television hosts are unlikely to make an appearance, The Price is Right LIVE! features a number of big name hosts. Gracing the stage for Vegas visitors in the past are Mark L Walberg, Drew Lachey, Joey Fatone, and George Gamilton. Todd Newton is also a regular host, and the most likely to be hosting a show in 2011.

This show is unique because it intrigues a large audience, and then actually gives back to a portion of them. This is one of the only Vegas shows guaranteed to send a lucky few home with much more than they came with, and it doesn’t require the large bets of the black jack table. Not every contestant is guaranteed a chance to play, however, so be aware of the odds.

The Price is Right LIVE! has visited many venues over the years, including Harrah’s and Foxwoods, as well as some locations in Atlantic City. The current show in Vegas, however, is being hosted by Bally’s resort and casino, in the Jubilee! Showroom.

Tickets to the show can be purchased for $56.25, and can be ordered online or over the phone. Showtimes vary week from week and month from month, so we suggest you look at the website before making any solid plans. Typically, however, shows are held between Tuesday and Saturday, with dark days on Sunday and Monday. Most of the shows are held at 2:30 in the afternoon, with a special evening performance on Fridays at 7:00 pm.

The Price is Right LIVE! offers audience members the chance to win vacations, appliances and household items, and even brand new cars. Be one of many to test their luck against their peers and the odds by being chosen to “Come on Down!” and experience the thrill of a game show. You must be 21 or older to play the game, but younger people are welcome to be audience members.