The Lion King - Disney - Las Vegas

The Lion King – Disney

The Lion King - Disney - Las Vegas

The Lion King

One of Disney’s most popular feature films comes to life in Las Vegas – on the stage! If you enjoyed the rollicking music and touching story of the original Disney animated feature film, you’ll love this fun version of the musical that has come to roost in Las Vegas. This musical is a great choice to take children to, as it is family friendly and contains none of the glitz or risqué humor that are involved in so many different productions in Vegas. It’s also good for those of you who wouldn’t mind consuming some fun culture in addition to all of the Sin that pervades Sin City!

The Lion King is performed with human actors as well as some life-sized puppets. It is a musical just like the original, and is sure to please anybody who comes to see it. The show itself is performed at Mandalay Bay. Call ahead of time and do research both on ticket costs as well as what times the show is playing, as this can change day by day. You’ll likely find that matinee shows are cheaper, but the evening shows are much more popular. This is a great show to take the family to, as it is a familiar theme that most children and adults are familiar with. If you need to please a wide variety of people the next time that you are out for a night on the town in Sin City, the Lion King is a great choice. It’s child friendly, it’s colorful, the music is classic and well played, and the acting and costumes are out of this world, quite literally! The Lion King will take you on a flight of fancy that will keep you enthralled for the entire time that you are watching the actors on the stage.

Be sure to check out this alternative to traditional Vegas entertainment. The performers who work onstage are some of the most talented in the city – they have even performed for members of the Royal Family! The next time you come to Las Vegas, don’t miss this daring, enthralling performance show. Your whole family will love it. Tickets start at 66.00 and go up from there, depending on where you would like to sit while you are watching the show. The show is ongoing though December 30th of this year, so be sure to take the time to enjoy this incredible performance while it’s still going on in Sin City!