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Stripper 101

Stripper 101

Stripper 101 - Las Vegas Show

If you are at all familiar with the atmosphere of Las Vegas, it will be no surprise for you to hear that many people refer to the city as the sex capital of the country. With a thriving sex industry that includes legal prostitution, dancing, and stripping, many groups visit Vegas for this feature alone. Even with an abundance of good food, gambling, and musical entertainment, many visitors find themselves drawn to the naughtier side of the city.

While most of those visitors tend to be men, don’t make the mistake of thinking that visiting women don’t have their fun with the sinful side of the city, too. A great example of this is Stripper 101, an educational resource for those who are looking to learn the art of seduction through teasing, stripping, and pole-dancing.

Stripper 101 has been named the number one pole-dancing and stripping class in the area, with large groups of people signing up on a regular basis. In fact, this class has become a regular feature on Las Vegas “must do” lists, especially when it comes to women visiting with a purpose.

One of the most common purposes to visit Las Vegas is for a bachelor or bachelorette party, and Stripper 101 is a great activity to have on the schedule for such an occasion. Many ladies also enjoy taking this class for a birthday celebration, or the ever popular girls night out celebration. It’s not only a great way to build confidence and feel sexy, but it’s a great workout too!

Stripper 101 has gained a lot of popularity recently as it has been featured in a number of media outlets. Kendra and E! Entertainment have both referenced this class in their productions, urging women looking for a good time to take advantage of this unique opportunity. City’s Best, Las Vegas Magazine also featured this class as Sin City’s Sexiest Workout, and it is only increasing in popularity.

Stripper 101 is not meant for youth, and is only open to ladies who are 18 years of age or older. Classes are held on a daily basis, with multiple meeting times available to satisfy various schedules. Friday and Saturday have the most classes available, and the majority of the classes are in the afternoon. Students are advised to arrive 45 minutes before the start of class to prepare.

Classes are purchased with a series of packages that range in price from $39.99 to $124.99. All packages include the Stripper 101 class, while the more expensive packages include additional features, such as dinner, a t-shirt, a souvenir photo, VIP nightclub passes, cocktails, and more. Private classes and group rates are also available, so call for more information.

Stripper 101 is based out of the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. The classes are held in a private studio in the V Theater, or Variety Theater, which can be found in the Miracle Mile Shops.