Absinthe - Las Vegas Show

When people hear the word Absinthe, they are likely to think of the terrifyingly potent form of alcohol that bears that name. This strong potion is known to leave drinkers with a surreal dream feeling, often leading to visions and hallucinations. It’s effect as a hallucinogen is likely what inspired the freaky and unforgettable cast of Absinthe to name their show as such, as it brings viewers into a strange and raucous world of surrealism.

Absinthe is currently open in Las Vegas, Nevada, at Caesars Palace on the strip. It has been called the “best new show” by Vegas Chatter, and The New York Times calls it a “blend of skill, erotic innuendo and zaniness,” which is what everyone hopes for when they come to the action packed city of Las Vegas!

This critically acclaimed show is known for being “part raucous beer garden, part surreal playground,” with fun costumes and performances to keep the audience engaged. Absinthe is somewhat of a variety show, with different sets of performers following each other. Much of the show resembles an acro-cabaret, with impressive stunts and gymnastics.

There is much more to this show than its sultry themes and hilarious gimmicks, however. Audiences are often surprised to find themselves so close to the stage when taking their seats at an Absinthe show. Performers will literally be within five feet of the front row at times, even close enough to touch. This gives the show an intimate feel, allowing eye contact to be made between audience and performer, and adding a more personalized experience.

The atmosphere of Absinthe is one of fun, with upbeat music and jokes to keep visitors smiling. This is not the type of fun meant for young children, however, and only those 18 years old or older will be allowed inside.

Tickets for Absinthe can be purchased online, through ticketmaster.com, or by phone. Tickets will be available on a limited basis, and are going for $69 a piece. This is a great show for a bachelor or bachelorette party, or just a night on the town with friends. Just don’t bring the kids!

Absinthe plays in the recent Caesars Palace add-on of Spiegelworld. Spiegelworld is a large arena with a range of amenities and activities to take advantage of. Guests will find a glittering circus-like tent within the grounds that marks the location of the Spiegeltent, which is where Absinthe can be viewed.

Spiegelworld has much more to offer than a great show, however, and adults will likely be happy to stick around and explore. A range of quirky menu items and adult-themed beverages make this an entertaining place to eat, while the staff maintains a friendly and accommodating environment.